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Reunion Realty has been around longer than some of the LAND we sell...

Well maybe not THAT long, but about 38 years now. That means we know this area better than lots of the residents, and a LOT better than many other realty firms and Realtors.

Give us a call and let us prove we can find what you want.

About Reunion

James Griffith
David Bourland

James Griffith, owner & broker, started the business in 1977. One of his agents has been here almost that long, so James must not be too bad to deal with.

Give James a call, but don't ask about his grandbaby, unless you have your OWN set of pictures to show off.

David Bourand has been with James and Reunion for 35 years. He's almost as smart as James, or maybe smarter. (He doesn't have to run this place.)

There's not a better Farm and Ranch expert around, so you can be confident in listing or buying your property with David.

Mr./Ms. A. Realtor
Your Cell Phone

Dianne has worked for James for over 7 years, and is about the only one who can tell him what to do besides his grandbaby!

She takes care of rentals, property maintenance, updates for weekly meetings, and countless other duties.

Dianne Bushell
Office Manager

If you're a self-starter, with your

Realtor's license, give James a call to set up a time to discuss coming over to the "Dream Team" at Reunion Realty. We have offices ready for someone looking for a quiet, low stress place to meet with your clients. 

James, the broker, has been in business longer than most other real estate offices have been in Abilene.


Looking for a lower stress, small real estate office? Give James a call 325-695-1880.

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